Here we will go through the basics in VBA programming. Everything from creating your first script to modify strings, numbers, or dates to working with arrays and messageboxes.


Create your first VBA script and learn how to declare variables

Learn how to declare your variables in vba. Necessary programming understanding and in order to be great in vba and to run quick scripts.

How to work with and modify multidimensional arrays in VBA?

Learn about reading and writing multidimensional arrays in vba, what they are, and how to work with them. Great for big data.

How to work with and modify dates in excel VBA?

Modify your date formatting with vba. Date additions and subtractions, dateserial and datediff function as well as custom date formatting.

How to work with and modify texts (strings) in excel VBA?

Learn how to modify your texts with vba. Using syntaxes such as left, right, mid, split, instr, replace, trim, len, lcase, ucase, instrrev.

How to display message and input boxes in VBA? 

Display message (msg) boxes and collect data with inputboxes. Ok, Cancel, Abort, Retry, Ignore, Yes No in different message styles.

How to learn the basic operations in excel macro VBA?

Learn the basics in vba. How to modify, text, numbers, dates. Leverage if statements with loops and get the basic vba understanding.