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How to use "VBA Vlookup" or "VBA Xlookup" ?

Vlookup and now also Xlookup are must known for every analyst that even remotely works in excel. However, in order to use them in vba one needs to call the worksheetfunction objects as both vlookup and xlookup are not predefined syntaxes in vba already.

vba vlookup

Let's say we have a table with the classic analyst phrase. "Please Fix Thx." and that we want to access one of these based on an input value in vba.

A = "Please" B = "Fix" C = "Thx."

Vlookup Syntax

Please find my script below for Vlookup:ing the 3rd word in "Please Fix Thx.".

Note that the below code would also work with xlookup as well as any other excel command.

Sub Vlook()


MyValue = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(3, Range("A:B"), 2, False)

Debug.Print MyValue 'Printing out my result from the lookup.

End Sub

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