Here we will go through a bit more advanced VBA, and this is really the part were we will start to get an understanding for how Visual Basic works and how we can manipulate the code to our satisfaction. 


How to use Pivot Tables in excel VBA? #Refresh #Filters #Locate

Don't forget about your already powerful pivot tables!! Incorporate these into your excel vba. Refreshing, Clearing filters, locate.

How to sort an array, one or multiple columns in excel VBA?

Learn how to sort an array or matrix. Sort a single column or multiple column data with or without header in VBA quickly!!

How to create my own Custom Ribbon in excel?

Learn how to create your own custom excel tab that is running your own macros. Download Microsofts XML handler for creating your own ribbon.

How to use Filters in VBA for single or multi column sorting?

Learn how to use autofilter in VBA, turn on and off, searching top 5 or top 10 list and looping in a filtered list using SpecialCells.