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How to learn the basic operations in excel macro VBA?

basic coding in excel

This page will go through the basic VBA concepts and operations.

Please ​click on any of the headings below to get a better understanding of why excel macros are such a powerful programming language despite its age. Most of the code can be copied over to your own excel VBE which is why I tend to use the apostrophe (') and a green colored text, which signifies commented code in your VBE editor as well.

Background about VBA.

  • What is VBA and how can I use it?

  • ​Object based structure

  • Hierarchy

  • Accessing Ranges or Cells to write our data?

Create a VBA script​

  • ​Here we will create your first VBA script.

  • Declaration

  • Msgboxes​


Sub or Functions​

  • Our two different ways to write scripts in VBA.

  • When to use which?​

Message boxes​

  • Displaying information on your screen.

  • Message box vs Immediate window.

  • Input boxes.

IF statements​

  • What is an IF statement?

  • Examples with different IF statements.


  • What are loops​​?

  • Different types

  • How to leverage loops with IF statements?

String manipulation​

  • How to ​modify strings.

Number manipulation

  • How to modify numbers.​

Date manipulation

  • Use of dateformat.

  • Modify Dates.

  • Custom dateformats

Array manipulation

  • How to Modify Arrays.​

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